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dothe_airguitar's Journal

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pretty with practice.

Hey, I'm Jess.

Quick intro:

I love music,

I love my friends,

and I love my family.

I'm eighteen,

really not that exciting.

I'm on a national championship winning cheer leading team.

I love going to school in the heart of downtown Montreal

As for everything else

you'll just have to ask.

"On the contrary my little butter muffin of love but I did call you. Many a time." -Li.

"In life, you just gotta..get over it. Come on Jess, TGIF. You know... Boy Meets World, Sabrina the teenage witch. The good old days. Mellow yellow." -Richard

"How was your pee?" - Jess
"It was.. hard. Really frustrating." - Erika
"Okay you do know I just asked you about your pee right?" -Jess
"Oh.. I thought you said... Well I don't really know what you said. But it was relieving." -Erika.

"Get off facebook." - Err
"Stop eating in the library." -Me

"Can you do me a favor? It's really important though. You got that? " - Lucas
"yess." - me
"Smile." - Lucas