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dothe_airguitar's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

Hi, I'm Jess. I am a pretty cool girl, I mean I'm nice enough, cool enough, and smart enough. My journal's pretty emotional, sorry if you dont like that. I love my friends, music, and family. Im a cheerleader, and I knit. Two aspects of life that aren't usually seen together. Deal with it. I fucking hate boys almost as much as I fucking hate bakstabbing, nit picking, shallow as fuck, slutty best 'male' friends. To all those who discover this and know me, how's it goin'? Hope this isn't a shock or anything that good old Jess isn't as perky as she is in person.

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"Anorexia is a disease- not a fashion statement." [
Wednesday June 11th,2008 ;; 04PM
CEGEPs been done for a bout a month and I started summer school today. I know I have an amazing boyfriend and all, but I can't seem to look around my class for 'potentials'. I'm a horrible person. hahaha no I'm not. I'm just a fucking girl.

Ever been to see the broadway Jersey Boys?  It's pretty amazing.

new updates:
-I hate my old entries. I think I needed help. hahaha.
-I'm eighteen.
-I have a boyfriend that my parents despise.
-just completed my first two semesters of CEGEP (for you guys below, thats like.. an intro to university. Something like your college but we take 7 courses and its 2 and SOMETIMES 3 year programs.
-I hate Jasmine Claridge.
-I love Erika Piercy.
-Downtown Montreal is my homeboy. aka, it's just my life.
-I'm fighting so much with my parents lately and it's really not normal. I know people have it worse than me, but I fucking want to move out.
-I'm kinda in the mood for orange sorbet.
-I hate diets, so why should I be in a permanent bad mood so I can shave off a few pounds? Oh wait yea, the world demands it- pretty much.

So you think you can dance is on tonight.
I love rating communities.
I have work soon. so peace.

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Sunday March 9th,2008 ;; 02PM
 Im back.

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New Layout? [
Friday November 17th,2006 ;; 03PM
I want a new layout.
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Sunday November 5th,2006 ;; 09PM
I feel like crap.
Kill me.
HA. just kidding.
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abcdefghiJESS123 [
Saturday November 19th,2005 ;; 01AM
Friends only. Comment if you want to be added. (:
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